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Do I need accounts?

The preparation of your annual accounts (or Statutory Accounts) is a vital part of your business.

Whether you need accounts for a sole trader or limited company, annual accounts give a measurement of:

  • Overall business health
  • Your margins on products/services you sell
  • Profits on sales
  • What you are owed and what you owe to others

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What’s a tax return?

A tax return is an obligatory report sent to HMRC every year which includes your Annual Accounts and how much tax you owe.

We create your tax return and upload to HMRC every year.

It includes:

  • Capital Allowances (Equipment, Assets you purchased)
  • Any gains on assets purchased
  • Directors loans that remain unpaid
  • Losses to carry forward from the previous tax year

We save you money.

Technically, you don’t need an accountant, you can complete the work yourself.

However, you will need to know how to create balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and can do your own bookkeeping.

The most important point is accountants (such as ourselves) can reduce your tax liability by looking at your company working out where legal savings can be made. 

When you work with us, we take the hard work out of accounts preparation by:

  • Accurately calculating your accounts
  • Reducing your tax legally, saving you money!
  • Act as your agent for all correspondence with HMRC
  • Work with you to make your business tax efficient
  • Provide useful business advice for the next tax year

Don’t risk overpaying tax!

Often, businesses assume they understand the laws, regulations tax saving methods but will not know how to apply it correctly.

This is where we can help.


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