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You really can’t beat experience when it comes to business.

It’s the same when you choose an accountant.

You could make the mistake of working with someone just out of university with an ACCA and they may charge very low fees, but with experience comes a deep understanding of business growth.

We’ve been very privileged to work with hundreds of businesses in our 30 years at Huque Chaudhry.

Experience means a service built on working with many types of industries and sectors through all types of business problems – tax related and otherwise.

Whether you are creating a new business or running an established one we can help.

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Accountants in Disguise…

When you are an accountant, people tend to think of you as boring people doing maths and working out figures.

Accountancy is anything but boring!

We get to work with some of the most exciting businesses across the UK in some of the most competitive industries such as retail, supermarkets, clothing, wholesale and more.

We also get to see the amazing growth of businesses and help them get through some of the more challenging aspects of their business.

That means when you come and see us, we take a look at your business and see what issues you are facing.

This could be something as simple as cashflow problems, supplier issues or it could be something more sinister as a tax problem.

We see where we can help and with our fantastic team can give you great business advice, business coaching as well as crunching the numbers.

This advice and guidance can take your business from where it is now to where it needs to be.

Range of Services

Business Transformers

With our help, businesses have gone from little acorns to big oak trees!

It’s something we are really proud of.

Sometimes, when you are running your business it can be easy to take your eye off the ball and step back to see the bigger picture.

This is where we can help.

Our team can help you understand the problems in your business and try to resolve them.

How can we help?

Since we are accountants, we have in depth knowledge about finance, money management, supplier management, staff management and more!

We can help you by looking at your accounts and working with you to find out where the bottlenecks in the business are and resolve them.

Let’s say you are having a problem with your cashflow.

Your suppliers are not paying you on time and your cashflow is in a bad state – sometimes you can’t pay your staff and even yourself.

We will look at ways to get resolve the cashflow problem and help you get back on track using a variety of low cost methods.

It could be as easy as ensuring clients pay via certain methods, by particular dates, or ensuring you have a solid process for payment that we can create.


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Reduce your taxes with us…

“The Government is constantly changing tax regulations. Our team knows all about taxes and how we can save you paying HMRC needlessly.”

– Asghar Chaudhry, Partner