From April 2015 (this year) if your turnover exceeds £82,000 you will need to register for VAT. If you need to find out when is a good time to register we go over it in detail in our vat post on our website. Remember, we can look after your VAT from A to Z – you simply have to post us your invoices and we charge really low prices per quarter.

What do I need to register for VAT

  • Details of your business (trading details)
  • Bank Account Details
  • Unique Taxpayer reference and National Insurance Numbers
  • Online Form or Paper Form
  • Details of your Accountant or Agent who will do your Quarterly VAT


Register with HMRC Gateway

  1. Register with HMRC Taxes by clicking the button above
  2. They will ask you for a Gateway Government ID username and password that you need BEFORE registering, follow the steps to create one.
  3. Add all your business details and await your registration certificate
  4. If you want an accountant like us to do your VAT, we recommend registering you for VAT on your behalf as it can be a little more complicated.

(The HMRC Gateway is separate for businesses and separate for personal use. (You can use your personal one to pay for things like road tax!)

You will be asked for personal details such as date of birth and previous addresses.

Register for VAT for a new business or acquiring one

Once you have your HMRC Gateway username and password you can register for VAT with HMRC using their online portal and follow the steps as described above.

It seems more complicated than it is – you just have to remember before you can register for taxes with HMRC you need a Gateway username and password.

If you prefer a paper version to register for VAT you can go to the HMRC portal website and download application forms.

A video explaining the process to register for vat is here!

Sending your VAT to HMRC

Every quarter you will need to submit your VAT return online – this is a real pain for people who don’t use the internet much but that’s why we recommend you speak to your accountant to sort this out quickly. (Like us!)

Remember you will need to set up a business bank account prior to sending your first VAT return to make things easier on you when paying VAT.

HMRC will ask for direct debit details so they can take out the VAT amount every quarter.

You can also pay via phone with a debit or credit card, or pay online.

We look after 190 clients’ VAT returns at our practice and we have customers all over the UK!. You can send us your VAT invoices via post!)

We will take your invoices and enter them onto our bookkeeping software, perform all necessary calculations and tell you how much VAT will be coming out of your bank account every quarter.

If you have invoices that need to be claimed prior to registration for VAT, we can do that too based on certain stipuations. Contact us today and we’ll talk you through it…